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Golden Horsehoe Touch Football Association

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GHTFA Announcements


Due to the inclment weather the Registration meeting is cancelled  - Dave Nelson will send out an email to confirm that each team has everything ready for the season



GHTFA is looking for referees to support our leagues and if you are currently certified as a Level 1 or interested in attending a clinic to obtain your Level 1 certification, pls contact:

Rick Little at  or  or 905-632-0288

Most referee assignments are on Sunday Morning starting at 9:00am and 2nd game at 10:30am. Sometimes a 3rd game  (12:00 - noon) and possible one week night games on Wednesdays or Thursdays starting times at between 6:30 PM and 7. This is a paying position and depending on your certification level, rate of pay starts at $24/game for Level 1 and increases as your level of certification is completed up to $32/game which is Level 3. Payment can be either monthly or bi-annually or annually. Season starts Saturday May 12 with the Early Bird Tournament followed by our league games starting approx. Sunday May 28th.



GHTFA Youtube Channel


 Send Kevin Stasila a link to your teams videos to have them added to the channel!


Game Card Instructions:


  • Each Team is responsible for thier game cards.
  • At their game, they must complete the card and at half time obtain the other teams concurrance that each of the players identified on the card are in attendence, the opposing team shall line off the card and sign in the available space below the names
  • At the end of the game the team shall indicate the results and score on the signed card.
  • They shall make an image of the card (either with a camera or scanner)
  • They shall post the card on the GHTFA 2018 Drop Box
  • Making the file name the date and team name

  • Each team is responsible for posting their card in a timely fashion into the folder reflecting the month
  • Each team is responsible for assigning one or more members of their team to have access to the drop box to post the cards in a timely fashion (Usually within 48 hours of the game) 
  • On a monthly or as required basis the Pie Rats will update the Team Attendence list and it will be posted online for each division A and B
  • If you have additional questions please contact Brad MacNamara or Ben Bonzio via e-mail.





GHTFA on behalf of Larry Hodgson Memorial Golf Tournament present $8800 to City Kidz

This bring close to $54,000 which has been raised on behalf of Larry since he passed away in May 2012

2017 Donation to City Kidz on behalf of the 6th Annual Larry Hodgson Memorial Golf Tournament


City Kidz representative, Ruth  & Bob Hodgson (Larry's Mom and Dad), Dave Nelson GHTFA President and James Nelson Investor's Group


City of Burlington - Facility Closure Information


If there is any doubt in the weather you should check this site or # before leaving for the scheduled game 


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