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The Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association began inducting members into the Hall of Fame in 2001. Any past or current member, sponsor or official is eligible to be nominated.

Nominations can be made by any member, sponsor or official, and are excepted through the League Web Site up until September 1st of the induction year.

Nominations must include a brief synopsis of the members involvement, and/or history, within the GHTFA. Nominated members must meet the following criteria:

1. Actively participated within the GHTFA for a minimum of 10 years

2. High level of play in your respective league (A, B, C, Masters) and/or involvement with League Executive in the operation of the Association

3. Always maintained a good standing of promoting fair play and sportsmanship within the GHTFA

Once a nomination has been accepted, it is brought before the existing members of the Hall of Fame who each have voting rights. Selected members are inducted at our annual "Championship Sunday" at Nelson Stadium where all our League Championship games are played in October.

The GHTFA Executive are please to announce the chairperson of the GHTFA HOF Committee is Rick Little  (HOF Class of 2001). If you are a GHTFA HOF member and interested on being on this committee please contact Rick Little at rick@ghtfa.org

1991 Champs

1992 Award Winners


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