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Referee Clinic Dates

No clinic will be offered through GHTFA for upcoming season. Please contact Doug Richardson  at SOTFOA if you are interested in obtaining your certification or upgrade.

Player/Referee Procedures to follow when program is active

No player/referees required for the 2014 Season.

  1. Level 1 Exams are due back before the final AGM and Level 2/3 before April 30th each year or they will not be marked and your team will not get credit. Passing Mark 75%.
  2. Please send exams by mail or drop them off to Rick Little's residence:
    4215 Longmoor Drive, Burlington L7L 5C7
  3. Encourage all player/refs to referee as many games as possible to meet the GHTFA requirements for the next level. This will ensure our league provides adequate Hd referees for the future.

·         Comments may include that while we realize many are there to get level one as mandatory for their teams, we really do need people who want to referee more, and progress to levels 2 & 3 …otherwise we will not have enough head referees down the road

  1. When you or your team has a conflict with their assignment, the procedures should be as follows:

·        Contact other player/refs certified from our website to request their services (Emergency List provided)

·        Contact your league president to inform and/or ask for his assistance where necessary

·        If all fails contact referee in chief too assist.

·        Please contact the Referee in Chief to inform him of this change for payment.

·        Please ensure you do not leave it to the last minute. Minimum 1 week notice would be great.

·         Have anyone who would like to referee more games should be listed on the “Emergency Call List” to identify themselves so teams can contact them when they are looking for someone to cover their games.

  1. Please purchase a whistle for your assignments. If needed, let the referee in chief know and he can purchase them from our league supplier at cost. Please request in early May or each year.
  2. All other equipment for refereeing will be supplied by the Hd referee for that game. (Shirt, flag)
  3. Please be at games at least 15 minutes prior or if you justed played, cross over to the other field immediately.
  4. If you are interested in working for SOTFOA eg tournaments: contact Doug Richardson
  5. Keep track of all your games too ensure it matches what the Referee in Chief states at the end of the year. Let us know if the paymentt will be directly to you or stay within your team funds.
  6. Payment is usually finalized 30 days after the GHTFA Championship Day.
  7. If you are interested in refereeing Masters, let the Referee in Chief know by June 30. Thursday nite games! (Fall) $20/game x 2 game/night. This is where you can experience Level 2 or Level 3 positions in a low pressure setting.
  8. Rule Changes for each year will posted on the league website under the Referees tab. Please review regularly.

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