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GHTFA Referee Schedule Procedures

Currently all crews (3 man) are pre-determined at the beginning of the yr. (May) and are programmed into the league schedule. Pls click on the league schedule and click on officials for names under the dates for Sundays and week nite games.

GHTFA Player/Referee Schedule Procedure when Required

To find out your referee assignments go to the Red File Tab on the left side and click on SCHEDULE. In each division is the word OFFICIALS. Double click on and a list of crews and teams will appear. Review all the crews on that page to ensure you open all the assignments your team is responsible for. Click on your TEAM and it will open up to the game that you are assigned too. WHERE, WHEN and WHAT TIME. If your team name appears twice that means your team is responsible for two (2) referees for that game. Make sure you open up all 3 divisions (A-B-C) and the word officials to ensure you make note of all your team assignments during each year.

Note: if your team can not make that assignment, please ensure you find a replacement referee. Go to the Emergency List if you need additional names to contact. Please ensure you contact your divisional president and rick.little@ghtfa.org to inform them on the referee assignment change. Make sure you give your team plenty of time to find a replacement.

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