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Referee Football 


Below are some points to keep in mind when officiating sports at any level. All officials should have a good working
knowledge of the rules and mechanics. In addition to this you will find your games more enjoyable by remembering
these points.

  • Answer Reasonable Questions….Treat coaches and players in a courteous way. If they ask you a question
    reasonably, answer them in a polite way. If they get your ear by saying, “Hey ref I want to ask you something,” and
    then start telling you off; interrupt and remind them of the reason for the discussion. Be firm, but relaxed.
  • Choose Your Words Wisely….Don’t obviously threaten a coach or a player. This will only put them on the defensive.
    More importantly, you will have placed yourself on the spot. If you feel a situation is serious enough to warrant a threat,
    then it is serious enough to penalize, without invoking a threat. Obviously some things you say will be a form of threat,
    but using the proper words can make it subtle.
  • Have Your Head On Right…Don’t think your striped shirt grants you immunity from having to take a little criticism.
    It’s part of officiating. Plan on it. Successful Officials know how much to take. Ask one when you get the chance.
  • Be Competitive…. The players give maximum effort, so should you. Tell yourself, “I’m not going to let this game away
    from me. I am better than that.” You are hired to make the calls that control the game.-- Make Them!
  • Show Confidence….Cockiness has absolutely no place in officiating. You want to exude confidence. Your presence
    should command respect from the participants. As in any walk of life, appearance, manner and voice determine how
    you are accepted. Try to present the proper image.
  • Forget The Fans….As a group, fans usually exhibit three characteristics: ignorance of the rules, highly emotional
    partisanship and delight in antagonizing the officials. Accepting this fact will help you ignore the fans, unless they interrupt
    the game or stand in the way of you during your job.
  • Don’t Bark….If you don’t like to be shouted at, don’t shout at someone else. Be firm with a normal relaxed voice.
    This technique will do wonders in helping you to reduce the pressure. Shouting indicates a loss of control not only of
    one’s self, but also of the game.
  • Get Into The Flow Of The Game….Each game is different. Good officials can feel this difference. Concentrate on the
    reactions of the players. Take note if the tempo of the game changes. A ragged game calls for a different style of
    officiating from a smooth one.
  • Stay Cool….Your purpose is to establish a calm environment for the game. Fans, coaches and players easily spot
    nervous or edgy officials alike. Avidly chewing gum, pacing around or displaying a wide range of emotions prior to or
    during a game will serve to make you seem vulnerable to the pressure.
  • Don’t Be A Tough Guy…. If, a coach is on your back but not enough to warrant a penalty, then stay away from him
    (or her). This is especially true during time-outs. Standing near an unhappy coach, just to “show him,” will only lead to
    further tensions. Some officials develop irritating characteristics. Don’t be one of them

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