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Article 6  

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Article 6 



6.1 The following GHTFA Executive shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting;

6.1.1 Association President

6.1.2 Secretary

6.1.3 League Presidents (i.e. A, B, C and Masters Leagues)

6.1.4 Registrar

6.1.5 Treasurer

6.1.6 Referee-In-Chief

6.1.7 Vice President of Technology

6.1.8 Scheduler

6.2 The following Coordinator positions are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting;

6.2.1 Social Media Coordinator (includes Newspaper coordination, Facebook, Twitter)

6.2.2 Website/Marketing Coordinator

6.2.3 Tournament Coordinator (Early Bird and Bolla ‘Snow’ Bowl™)

6.2.4 Championship Day Coordinator 


6.3 The Association Past President will be an ex-officio member of the Executive until the current President is replaced;

6.4 League Presidents may appoint sub committees as required

6.5 The GHTFA Executive and / or an assigned Discipline Committee will determine any and all disciplinary action(s) for any player and/or team in accordance with the GHTFA Constitution. Also refer to Articles 11 and 13.


NOTE: It is the responsibility of all GHTFA members to fully understand the GHTFA Constitution with respect to conduct and disciplinary action(s).













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