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Article 10 


10.1 In general, games will be played in accordance with the league schedule once it is set prior to the season. Re-scheduling of games is strongly discouraged and may not be possible due to field and/or referee shortages. If necessary, re-scheduling of games requires a minimum of two weeks advance notice and the approval of both teams playing. This must be done through the appropriate League Presidents, Referee-In-Chief and Scheduling Coordinator so necessary field rentals, and referee assignments can be made. The team that requests the rescheduling is responsible for any additional cost.

10.1.1 Once the final schedule is posted, it may not be possible to re-schedule a game. It is each team’s responsibility to ensure that they have enough players at each game. Failure to meet this requirement will result in forfeiture of the game and fine in accordance with Article

10.2 Should the association officiate our own games, it is the responsibility of each team to supply referees as required

10.3 Team rosters shall be submitted to the association prior to the first regular season game. Additions may be made up to the mid-way point of each league schedule. After this point, all rosters are frozen and no additions are permitted. The maximum roster for men's teams is 21 players, and 25 maximum for women's teams. Player movement within the same league will be allowed only if the player has played 3 or less games, and upon the league Presidents approval. No more than two players from the same team may transfer to another team. Any roster changes must be confirmed with the completion of the appropriate provincial player transfer form.

10.4 New player are subject to review at league meetings. Ineligible players from other leagues will not be allowed to play in the GHTFA without approval of the association Executive.

10.5 Game Score/Roster Cards shall be filled out before the second half of each game and shall include only players present including any injured players. Players must physically be present at the game to be recorded on the Game Score/Roster Cards. Game Score/Roster Cards need to be signed by the referee and the opposing team manager/captain to be valid.

10.6 Teams shall provide goal post pads and four (4) pylons to delineate their end zone. 

10.7 The winning team shall report the game score within 24 hrs after the game.

10.8 Team fines shall be paid to the GHTFA or League President prior to their next scheduled game. Failure to do so will result in additional fines and/or forfeiture of their next game. 

10.9 Any team fined three times during the season is automatically placed on probation, and will be subject to further discipline as determined by the Executive.

10.10 Any fighting on the same property as association games are played, whether before, during or after the game, will result in suspension and fine. Assault charges may follow. Suspension may be up to two years.

10.11 Any harassment or demeaning remarks to the association Executive or Referee by a team member will be subject to fines, probation and/or suspension.

10.12 Baiting with the intent to start a fight, while covered in the rule book, will be subject to additional fines and suspension.

10.13 If a player is disqualified from a game on three occasions during the season, that player will be suspended for the balance of the year, subject to review for the next year.

10.13.1 A player MUST attend the game(s) which they were suspended and their name must be on the game score card for those games, and the official note that the player which was suspended was in attendance;


10.14 Players must be on the team roster in order to play a league game and be on the team game card, a player may not be on two team rosters where the teams compete against each other;

10.15 Playoff Eligibility - A player must attend a minimum of 50% of their league games to be eligible for participation in the playoffs. Injured players must be at their games in order to have their names put on the Game Score/Roster Card. Any other extenuating circumstances must have league approval (by written request) at the time of the circumstance.

10.16 Inclement weather - Any game that is interrupted by storms that create unsafe playing conditions (i.e. lightning) should be delayed 30 minutes until the unsafe condition passes. All pertinent game information should be recorded (time remaining, score, scrimmage location, down, and team with possession) in the event that the game is completed at a later time/date. The game duration may be adjusted if necessary.

10.17 Association Composition

10.17.1 The Association will consist of 4 leagues: A League – competitive league (i.e. most teams and players competing in the TFO (Touch football Ontario) Tier 1 Trillium tour); B League – semi competitive league (i.e. some teams and players competing on the Trillium Tour in Tier 2 – 4); C League – recreational league; Masters League - recreational league where players must be at least 35 years old by opening day each season, this league has a mixture of players from all leagues, however it is strictly recreational and all teams make the playoffs. 

10.17.2 Each league will generally consist of 8 teams. The recreational league may have more than 8 teams but no more than 12.

10.17.3 The Association may have one or more women’s leagues.

10.17.4 The Association may have one or more junior league where the players must be under 18.  

Teams may move up or down to a higher or lower league based on their final standings and/or ranking based on the previous year. In general, the following criteria will be followed; The top two team in the lower league will move up to the higher league; and The bottom two teams will move down annually. Teams may petition to move up or down based on player moves and changes that may make their team more or less competitive at their current level. 

10.17.5 The GHTFA Executive will determine the final rankings at the AGM. 












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