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Referee in Chief
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Referee in Chief Responsibilities 

1. Attend each GHTFA league meeting eg. AGM-Disciplinary etc.

2. Meet with SOTFOA in March of each year to review previous season and discuss upcoming season.

3. Organize and facilitate two (2) referee clinics each year:

    • level 1 first of April - Level 2-3 second half of April

    • arrange place and time for Doug Richardson, SOTFOA Referee Facilitator 

    • receive all written test, mark and respond back to player/referees before season starts

    • make sure a registration sheet is signed by each player attending the clinics with the following info requested: 

      • Name  
      • Team name/team division 
      • Telephone # and email address 
      • Current ref level passed through the GHTFA clinics 

4. Work with the League Scheduler prior to the season to arrange crews and player/referees for each game through the GHTFA Referee Association Pool and SOTFOA (contact person Doug Richardson) 

5. Co-ordinate the # of SOTFOA games with Doug Richardson, usually 60% of the league games as soon as the GHTFA schedule is complete. GHTFA Ref Association will make up the difference.  

6. Set up each 3 man crew from the GHTFA Referee Pool with one Level 3 Ref, one Level 2 Ref and one Level 1 Ref. When establishing a crew make sure the Level 3 Ref has at least 2 years experience as a Head Referee. 

7. Each Crew Chief will maintain a referee bag that will consist of the following equipment: (crew chief responsible to maintain and return at the end of the season)

      1. 2 referee shirts 

      2. timer watch 

      3. 2 flags 

      4. bean bags (3)

      5. pencil and paper for game results 


8. Each referee will supply their own Fox 40 referee whistle. If ref equipment required contact Dave Nelson or Honigs (Herman Murphy)

9. Once the referee schedule finalized, send it to the Webmaster brad.macnamara@ghtfa.org to post. Update the GHTFA player/ref certification summary too. Send summary to all League Presidents so that they can reference and inform their teams to ensure compliance each week.

10. Send finalized referee schedule to SOTFOA assignor 4 weeks prior to the start of the season.

11. Manage and respond to all emails that are sent to the ref website (Referee in Chief maintains an email address from the league)

12. Respond to all referee game changes in a timely manner and update all teams and league presidents.

13. Send out an email to each GHTFA referee 5 days in advance of thier assigment.

15. Call SOTFOA assignor every 2-3 weeks to ensure they do not have any problems with the schedule. (contact supplied each year from SOTFOA)

15. Player/refs are responsible to find an alternate ref from the emergency list or pool of certified player/refs if they can not fill thier assignment. Referee in Chief and league presidents will assist if sufficient notice supplied.

16. Maintain a spread sheet program for payments to all GHTFA referees for the year. Communicate with finance/league presidents and GHTFA President for payments at the end of the season. Send an email to all GHTFA referees at the end of the year (Championship Day)to confirm rate of pay and # of games completed.(rate of pay for each level under the Referees tab)

17. Each team in the GHTFA league will be responible to maintain 5 certified Referees on their roster each year with at least two Level 2 or greater in their 3rd year. Note: (due to the availability of non-playing refs available, the GHTFA is not enforcing the Level 2-3 committment until further notice)

18. All players that are certified referees are responsible to ref at least 2 games per year. Teams that do not have the required # of player/refs are penalized as per the by-law.You will find a core group of player/refs who will do the majority of games but try and get the teams too utilize all their certifed players.

19. Referee in Chief maintains a summary on all player/ref's that are certified each year and updates our website for teams to review prior to the AGM/Season. Teams can also review this information during the season when in need of a substitute referee. 

20. Referee in Chief to work with the new player/refs each year to ensure their skills are being developed.

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