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Each Year TFO (Touch Football Ontario) and its executive along with the Ontario Touch Football Referee Association get together to determine what rules for Touch Football need to be changed to enhance the game.




Clarification on "tagging QB's".. we know about head/shoulders, but it now covers all aspects of the QB's throwing motion as well. If the QB is trying to encourage it then an OC shall be called on the QB.




 No more "half the distance". If the yards of the penalty would put the ball in the end zone, the ball is placed on the 1 yd line.




 Refs now have discretion on any football used, should teams argue about it.




Lastly there was a correction made... Scenario:


I kick the ball to you, it goes into your end-zone, you try to kick it out, it hits the goal post.


This is a rouge not a Safety. 


Rationale: you did not make/create the ball to enter your end-zone, thus 1-point.




1. Application of Major and Personal fouls will be unrestricted    inside the 50 or 30 yard lines respectively, therefore no longer subject to the half-way to the goal line rule.  The full 25 or 15 yards will be applied up/back to the 1 yard line.

If against the defense, an automatic first-down is awarded. (Rule 12 Cases 16 and 17 added.)

  • If the penalty occurs on a scoring play, the unrestricted yardage cannot be applied to the Convert attempt.  Convert choice is still 2pts from 5 or 1pt from 2 ½ or apply the full yardage on the kickoff. (Rule 4 Case 17 added.)

2. Case 9 under Rule 12 removed as it contradicted 2007 Rule Change #1…The defender/rusher will be called for a Personal Foul if they make ANY kind of contact with the Quarterback’s throwing arm OR hand OR above the Quarterback’s shoulders (head area) while the Quarterback is attempting to make a pass, this includes the Quarterback’s natural follow-through motion.

3. Added Comment to Rule 8 Equipment - Case 8 regarding unfair balls:

  • Comment: The referee does not have to wait for someone to complain to remove a ball from the game.

4. Rule 3 Case 12 corrected as it gave the impression that any punt from the end zone that hits the goal post is a safety.  A return punt is a single as stated in Rule 4 Case 4.


1. There is no “official ball” or manufacturer required ball to be used.                                                                                                              

2. Composite & leather balls are allowed, rubber balls are not.

3. Any ball, regardless of size, which indicates on the ball that it is to be inflated from 11 to 13.5 pounds is eligible.

4. Balls must be inflated to 11 – 13.5 pounds or cannot be used. 

5. Any ball that is torn, or damaged, or has unnatural bulges in it is not allowed
NOTE: this is the TFO official ruling on balls for all league members


1. Cap, Sweater, Socks, Flag, Cleats, Watch, Scorecards, Rule Book, Pen, Coin, Bean Bags, Measuring Tape
2. Check your field for safety…obstacles etc.
3. Team Sweaters – Matching Colours
4. Team Ball, Proper size and weight
5. Team Captains, identify offence & defence
6. Coin Toss Procedures: 

(a) Decides Home and Visitors 
(b) 1st Option to Team Winning Coin Toss 
          (i) May defer choice to 2nd Half - Becomes Home Team

          2nd Option to Visiting Team 
             (i) Choose to Receive

(ii) Choose to Kick-Off

             (iii) Choose an End of the Field 
(c) 2nd Half Choice to Home Team – same options as above

7. Indicate by Signal – Kicking Team / Receiving Team
8. Points to discuss with teams prior to the start of the game:  

  • Placement of ball by center – Center straddles feet over bean bag  
  • Ball in play when center lifts ball from ground to begin snap
  • All Team Captain queries should be directed to the head referee.
  • Field conditions should be discussed at the coin toss
  • Foul language should be minimized both on and off the field
  • Teams must remain between the 25 & 45 yd lines when benches are on same side of the field                                              
  • Teams on opposite sides of field may go between the 10 yd lines.


Penalty Yardages

5 yds     - Offside, Illegal Procedure, Time Count, Ball Extension

10 yds   - Delay of Game*, Obstruction, Remote-Zone Interference**, Illegal Use of Hands,
                - No Yards, Illegal Substitution, Illegal Re-entry,
                - Objectionable Conduct (always a dead-ball foul)
                - 20 second violation on a Kickoff is always a Delay of Game
                - Defensive Target-Zone Interference is a spot foul, minimum of 10 yards and automatic first-down.
                - Offensive Target-Zone is loss of possession.

15 yds    - Rough Touch, Unnecessary Roughness, Diving

25 yds    - Major Foul/Intent to Injure (is an automatic Game Ejection) unlimited to the 1 yd line 

Note: Application of major and personal fouls will be unrestricted inside the 50 or 30 yard lines respectively, therefore no longer subjected to half-way to the goal line rule. The full 25 or 15 yards awarded. (Rule 12 cs 16-17 added) 

 General Penalty Application Rules:

1. Only one live-ball foul can be accepted by a team Two or more live-ball fouls accepted by each team offset

2. Live-ball fouls that occur after a change of possession (kickoff/punt/interception) are ignored if

    - one is accepted that occurred before the change of possession                                                                                                        

3. Live-ball fouls that occur before a first-down is made are applied from the previous line of scrimmage

4. Live-ball fouls that occur after a first down has been gained are applied from the point the ball was held at the time of the foul

5. Roughing penalties can be applied live or dead by non-offending team and automatic first down if against the defence 

6. Objectionable conduct is always a dead ball foul.

General Ball Hits Goal-Post Rules:

1. Kickoff: In-flight = 25 yd line, off ground/player/ref first = 10 yd line Punt/Kick going into end-zone = 10 yd line

2. Punt/Kick goes into end-zone and bounces back = 10 yd line

3. Return Punt from end-zone = 1 point to other team

4. Punt from own end-zone after snap/lateral into end-zone = Safety Touch

5. Punt from own end-zone comes out then bounces back = Other team first-down on your 1 yd line

6. Forward Pass = Incomplete pass

7. Lateral Pass or Snap = Safety Touch 

8. Any return punt for the end zone that hits the goal post is a single NOT a safety

General Rusher Obstruction Rules:

1. Rusher always loses their rights (related to Centre only) if changing sides

2. Anyone within 5 yds of the rusher’s feet is a legal rusher but they have to be in that area and visible to the centre before the centre puts their head down

3. The rusher has to take a direct path towards the QB                                                                                                                           

4. Rusher’s body must be outside Centre’s feet (visible space between them)

5. QB rolling out prior to snap will allow rusher to change sides

6. The rusher jumping offside can go back and reset before crossing the line of scrimmage even after the ball has been snapped

7. The defender/rusher will be called for a personnel foul if they make any kind of contact with the QB's  throwing arm OR hand OR above the QB' shoulder  (head area) while the QB is attempting to make a pass, this includes the QB's natural follow-through motion Rules being called that are not yet Rules (still with NFFC Rules Committee)

8. Two Objectionable Conducts towards an Official is not automatic ejection

9. Passing hand over fallen player is not a touch (only if necessary to jump over player)

10. Rusher’s hand/arm coming near the QB’s throwing arm is not a foul

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