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Rick Little 2001 HOF Inductee  

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Rick Little

Rick Little Inducted HOF 2001

Rick was Inducted into the Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Hall of Fame in 2001

Rick became a member of the Quarter Century Club in 2001


Rick Little began his touch football career in 1973 in the Burlington Touch Football League.

Rick was involved in the formation of the Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association in 1980 where he assumed the position of the first G.H.T.F.A. President. Between 1980 and 1993 Rick played an active role in the day to day operations of the G.H.T.F.A. assisting in the role of Divisional President, Tournament Organizing Committee (Labatt Early Bird & Cougar Shoes Tournaments), Marketing and Grievance Committee.

In addition to the duties that Rick performed for the G.H.T.F.A, he has provided assistance to Football Ontario in a committee for the development of Youth in Touch.

Rick has served as the Master's League President since 1993. Rick continues to have an active role in participating in both the Men's and Master's Leagues


1973 - 1975 Burlington Jets (Men's AA League)

1976 - 1979 Marwald Jets (Men's AA League)

1980 - 1984 Burlington Cougars (Men's AA League)

1985 - 1987 Burlington Spartans (Men's AA League)

1988 - 2010 Jake's Boathouse / Fox 40 Whistlers (Men's AA, A, BB and B League)

1993 - 2010 G.H.T.F.A. Master's League


1975 Men's AA League Champions (Burlington Jets)

Rick is still an active participant in the GHTFA as an Association Executive (Masters League President, Referee and Chief and Past President) and Playing in the A League with the Fox 40 as well as playing in the Masters League

1991 Champs

1992 Award Winners


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