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Bruce McDonald 2001 HOF Inductee  

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Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald Inducted HOF 2001 

Bruce was Inducted into the Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Hall of Fame in 2001

Bruce MacDonald began his touch football career in 1982 with the Armagh Cash Register Panthers in the Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association.

Over the next decade MacDonald was a fixture in the G.H.T.F.A. playing on numerous teams, such as the Panthers, Burlington Cougars, and Burlington Spartans. MacDonald excelled with the Burlington Spartans capturing numerous Canadian Championships.

In addition to representing the G.H.T.F.A. in both Ontario and Canadian Championships, MacDonald was chosen to represent Team Canada in the inaugural "Kangaroo Kup". 

MacDonald was not only active on the field, but off as well. He served two years as the Men's AA League President, was the Media Liaison for the Ontario "Bud Bowl" Championships in 1984 & 1985. MacDonald also played a major role in the development of Women's Touch Football in the G.H.T.F.A. serving as a coach during the first years. In 1993 he led the Burlington Raiders Women's team to a top five finish in the Canadian Championships. In 1995 while coaching the Mississauga Mavericks MacDonald captured the Women's A Championship


1982 - 1985 Armagh Cash Register Panthers (Men's AA & BB League)

1986 - 1988 Burlington Cougars (Men's AA League)

1989 - 1998 Burlington Brookes Spartans (Men's AA League)

1991 - 1993 Burlington Raiders (Women's League Coach)


1982 Men's BB League Champions - (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1984 Men's AA League Champions - (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1985 Men's AA League Finalist - (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1986 Men's AA League Finalist - (Burlington Cougars)

1991 Men's AA League Champions - (Brookes Spartans)

1992 Senior Canadian Champions  - (Brookes Spartans)

1993 Senior Canadian Champions  - (Brookes Spartans)

1995 Senior Canadian Champions  - (Brookes Spartans)

1995 Provincial Championships A Division Champions - (Mississauga Mavericks Coach)


1984 Men's AA League Most Valuable Player (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1984 Men's AA League Points Leader (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1984 Men's AA League Most Catches (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1984 Men's AA League Sack Leader (Armagh Cash Register Panthers)

1987 "Kangaroo Kup" Canadian Most Valuable Player (Team Canada)

1988 2nd Team All Star (Team Canada)

1991 Champs

1992 Award Winners


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