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Bolla Bowl - Annual Snow Bowl Tournament
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“The Bolla Bowl” 

Presented by GHTFA – Annual One-Day Tournament

Touch Football Rules will apply with the following exceptions:

1. Seven players on offence & six on defense. (After a touchdown no kicks, offence starts on own 20)

2. Only the quarterback can handle the ball behind the line.

3. Five steamboats dead, referee counts steamboats & decides if ball was released. If QB still has ball after dead, pass is void. (In the interest of throwing & catching offence gets the benefit of doubt).

4. Five downs to the field.

5. Points Awarded: Touchdown - 6 points / Converts -1 point from 10 yard line 2 points from 20 yards.

6. On 5th down punting must be declared & offensive players must stay behind of the line of scrimmage before the punt. (no singles or pass & punt. Ball not returned from end zone offense starts on 1 yard line).

7. The QB can start play with a snap from center or can pick up ball & say go to start steamboat count.

8. There will be no huddles to maximize playing time. No laterals allowed eliminating controversy.

9. The QB can take a step over the line when throwing. Similarly the offensive receivers can be at or near the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.

10. Offensive pass interference is a 15YD penalty & loss of down. Defensive pass interference is a 15YD penalty & down over.

11. Player should call their own game if tagged stop running. Team reps should be able to agree, if not, ref’s call is final. No protests allowed.

12. Game Time: two – 25 minute halves. Five plays left will be called at the 20-minute mark. At half time change of end & possession from start of game. All games must finish on time. Teams must be at their field 15 minutes ahead of their game time to warm up. If a team has not fielded it’s team by 10 minutes after game time. A 21-0 default will be awarded at the discretion of the referee.

13. Tie Games. In playoff only Convert rules will apply to break ties.3 attempts alternated by team.

14. Teams are responible for game scores to be back to headquarters to determine where the teams stand & next move.

15.  Bring 2 colours (Top wear) - 1 light the other dark. 


1. Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. Teams will be ranked according to points earned during round robin play.

2.  If after round robin teams are tied, based on points, the following will determine the higher ranked team:  

  1. Head to Head Play
  2. Plus/Minus
  3. Points For  
  4. Points Against

3. If teams are still tied, a flip of a coin will determine position for the playoffs.

Headquarters:  Gator Ted’s 1505 Upper Middle Road (south east corner of Guelph Line/Upper Middle Plaza) 

Head Referee: Rick Little/Rob Garside 

Tournament Organizers: Frank Bolla/Dave Nelson     

Emergency #/address for 905-632-3730 Joseph Brant Hospital 1230 North Shore Blvd Burlington


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