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Advertising with the GHTFA
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 Note: GHTFA season is from April to October and off season from November to the following year March
 An Ad is a Company Logo with a link to the companies website or email address, 
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Other advertisement opportunities exist with GHTFA:
  • Sponsoring a Team
  • Sponsoring an Event
  • Sponsorship of a Page, where the Company is given billing on the webpage
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 Ad Type

 Annual Fee

 GHTFA Season 7 Months

 Off Season 5 Months

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 Bolla Bowl

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 Networking Page   (small Ad)




    Note: GHTFA season starts April through to October and off season from November to the follow year March 
Ads must be approved by the Association Executive prior to posting.  
Contact Brad MacNamara @ for additional information.

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