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2011 Available Resheduling Assignments | Notice To Teams |

From: Nelson, David (IG) [mailto:David.Nelson@investorsgroup.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 4:44 PM
To: Bob Garside (Fox 40); Bryon Hickey (Balls Deep); Chris Almas (Mandingos); Dan Bilancia (Runnin Rebels); Dave Holata (Hardknocks); David Franco (Bandits); Jeff Libatore (Bandits); Joe Cardi (Flying Pigs); Joe Pitirri (Gators); Nathan Hounslow (Gators); Nelson, David (IG); Roy Lippett (Runnin Rebels); Sean Pugliese (Hardknocks); Steve Rusnyk (Flying Pigs); Steve Surya (Balls Deep); Tobias Smulders (Mandingos); Alex Wysocki (Renegades); Chris Hart (Mavericks); Chris Midgley (Longhorns); Drew Leblanc (Renegades); Geoff "Nug" MacVinnie (SFWG); Greg Ciancone (Mavericks); Jeff Bedward (Broncos); Jeremy Cruz (Delta Squad); Keith Boyd (SFWG); Ken Bacolini (Spartans); Marcel Basset (Broncos); Mark Staples (Steelers); Marty Boal (Steelers); Mike Daymond (Steelers); Rob Powell (Delta Squad); Sean Lasseter (Longhorns); Will Joki (Spartans); Andy Warne (Offenders); Ben Bondzio (Pie Rats); Chris Apro (Buffett Assassins); Colin Welch (Beavers); Damen Hibbard (Wildcats); David Cooper (JT Pluckers); Derek Beaudin (Jack Daniels); Graham Dawick (Wildcats); Jeremy McKeon (Jack Daniels); John Chaisson (JT Pluckers); Kent Barber (Offenders); Mark Brandon (Pie Rats); Mike Marchetti (Buffett Assassins); Mike Miehm (eagles); Pano Tournidis (Eagles); Sean Seaton (Beavers)
Cc: andrew.lansbury@manulifesecurities.ca; Bill Fournier; Brad MacNamara; Byron Young (A); Frank Bolla; Rick Little; Terry Roberts; Tony Spagnoli

Subject: Registration & Meetings for 2011 GHTFA Season


As many of you may have already seen on our website…we have our two meetings coming up to register for the 2011 GHTFA Season.

Annual General Meeting          Sunday, March 27th    9:30am  @ Appleby Arena
•       Team deposit required…teams balances being carried forward will be updated on our website shortly.
Registration Meeting            Sunday, April 17th       9:30am  @ Appleby Arena
•       Team fees due in full @ this meeting.

Please go to the GHTFA Website   www.ghtfa.org  for detail’s you need to know about these mandatory meetings.

Also, please complete the team registration form (link below), and send it back to me immediately, so we know what teams are returning this year. If your team is not returning, please advise us right away so we know. Teams (new & returning) need also to go to the appropriate link below to access roster forms (your last year’s roster is shown). Please update your roster with any new names, and also complete the portion @ the bottom for quarterbacks, and other players who may play in another league.  Teams may have no more than 4 players on their roster who also play in a higher level league, and quarterbacks from a higher level league cannot play in a lower level GHTFA League. Rosters with your player signatures will be required at a later date.
These forms can also be found on our website …go to Meetings then 2011 Meeting Notices & Minutes.

Links to forms

Team Registration http://www.ghtfa.org/downloads/2011AGM/GHTFA_Team_Registration.pdf
Links for returning teams  http://www.ghtfa.org/default.asp?contentID=753 and select your team…
Links for new teams  http://www.ghtfa.org/downloads/2011AGM/ghta%20team%20roster%20and%20registration%20form.pdf

As we all  look forward to another great season of touch football…please assist us by sending your team registration form, and roster to us immediately. We will determine what leagues teams will play in @ our first meeting based on last year’s results, and the roster you submit.
Thanks for your co-operation.

Dave Nelson
President, GHTFA
(residence office/fax) 905-523-5017

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