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Terms of Reference 


  • This tournament has been held annually since 1974. Many years we hosted over 80 teams from across Ontario, and now the event has come back to where it started, as pre season warm up tournament for GHTFA teams only.
    • One day tournament
    • Short 45 min. games
    • Guarantee 3 per team
    • $225 entry fee

  • Book fields (2 for an 8 team tournament) normally on the 2nd Saturday in May, which must be done by Nov 1st the year prior.
    • Communicate date with GHTFA Scheduler to book fields.

  • Borrow pads & pylons to setup before 1st games, collect @ end of day & return to teams they were borrowed from

  • Communicate with webmaster to post details & registration information on GHTFA website.
    • First 8 teams to register are accepted.

  • Communicate with Social Media director for posting to all social media channels

  • Collect registrations & entry fees

  • April 1st – Contact Gator Teds to arrange headquarters area
    • 36 t-shirts for winners
    • food & beverage deals for players

  • Set schedule and email to teams participating, Webmaster and Social Media Director for posting to the website and all social media channels

  • Communicate with RIC re referee needs
    • $15 per ref / game
    • use 3 refs per game
    • usually provide each ref with $25 bonus for beer & wings @ Gators

  • 10 days prior to tournament contact Burlington Post Sports Editor Kevin Nagel to arrange photographer.
  • Communicate with the photographer at the fields who may afterwards email photos to our Early Bird coordinator to assist in identifying names of players in photos to be published.
    • By quickly emailing these photos to team reps involved in those games we can properly identify these players.
    • A summary of game scores, as well as touchdown scorers, interceptions etc. in the two championship games need to be emailed to the sports editor promptly following the Early Bird to be included in their sports section coverage.
    • These results also need to be forwarded to our webmaster for posting on website.

  • Photos
    • Take photo of all teams
    • Random shots from the day
    • Championship trophy presentations @ Gators after tourney.
    • Send photos to webmaster and social media director to post on GHTFA website and social media channels
  • Collect all game scores, and update the pairing of teams moving forward based on round robin results etc.
    • Send all info to webmaster and social media director
  • Collect garbage (bring bags) from around fields throughout the day and recycle where possible.
  • Make trophy presentations @ Gator Ted’s to winning teams, and present t-shirts & cash awards to them. Annual trophies are kept all year round @ Gator Teds and are not to leave the bar. Trophy plates need to be updated annually with winner’s names.
  • Post Tournament Report
  • Prepare a post tournament report
    • Identify any challenges
    • How they were handled
    • What should be done differently next year
    • Any updates to the terms of reference
    • Present to the Executive for review and action if required


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