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Golden Horsehoe Touch Football Association

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HALL OF FAME – Co-ordinator

Terms of Reference 

  • Team assuming this task must have at least none Hall of Fame member on their roster

  • Gather the Hall of Fame nominations to bring to the executive for endorsement
    • Receive nominations and confirm playing tenure in the GHTFA for our Quarter Century Club (25 years playing in the GHTFA)


  • Notify recipients & confirm their attendance on Championship Day to receive plaque

  • Order Hall of Fame plaques for recipients, and Souvenir Sweatshirts for GHTFA Quarter Century Club (if required)

  • Co-ordinate arrangements for HOF presentation on championship with Association President to present awards

  • Create an email list of all HOF members
    • send them details of our tournament events,
    • Masters League
    • Championship Day HOF presentation
    • Hall of Fame Game for them to attend

  • Co-ordinate Hall of Fame Game (Tshirts) on Championship Day

  • Annual Report
    • Challenges faced
    • how they were handled
    • changes for the following year
    • Membership Updat
    • Changes to the Terms of Reference
  • Present to the Post Season Executive Meeting

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