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GHTFA Men's Division!

In 2018 the GHTFA has 6 Leagues in Men's Touch Football. "AA Division consisting of 4 Teams and the A Division consists of 4 teams" , "BB Division with 4 Teams and B Division with 5 Teams" in Rec/Competitive and "C" League consists of 5 teams in Recreational. The Masters League in 2018 will have 4 teams of 15 players unless more registration takes place. In 2018 if your playing Masters you must get your registration in ASAP, the first 60 players entered will be placed on teams, all remaining will go into a waiting list until 30 additional players are registered and 2 - 4 QB's are identified before the league will expand.  There is some discussion about a 50+ Masters League in 2018, Stay Tuned! Please enter your score online within 48 hours of the game or it will be recorded as a tie.

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The Association is looking for new individuals to share the workload so if you are interested in participating please contact Dave Nelson the current executive would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Enjoy the 2018 Season and remember to provide constructive and positive feedback and of course we will listen to any and all suggestions to make our Association better.

GHTFA Executive



Marcel Basset
Jeff Bedward
Chris Flanagan
Steve Langlois
Mike Caslin
Jim Caslin
Mike Gillott
Bill Magyar
Dan Gonzalez
Craig Johnson
Randy Brazeau
John Trevor
Lawson Henry
Rob Garside
Byron Young
Randy Kent (R1)
Shane Cooney
Matt Wright
Brian Nicole
Shaun McQuay
Ray D

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Fox 40 Ouncers
Jamie Nelson
Taylor Van Beek
Aaron Bates (R1)
Sean Donnell
Lucas Van Beek
Ryan Hunter
Vito Cafagna (R2)
Shane Dougherty
Dave Nelson (R3)
Mark McQuay (R1)
Rafael Perez
Ryan Sumler
Chris Lopresti
Chris Bunce
Jordan Van Horn
Brandon Little

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Greg Ciancone
Chris Hart
Cam Phillips
Mike Hart
Paul Hart
Phil Devey
James Phillips
Mike Genovese
Tristen Orr
Matt Barlow
Gord Truffen
Mathew Milne
Brian Ewart
Chris Gnepe
Chris Lopresti
Jay Dimitroff
Mike Whittaker
Tracy Gallant
Cedrick Brisebois

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Aaron Beckley
Alex Wysocki
Anthony Koves
Brett Gaskell
Drew LeBlanc
Erick Lippert
James Becker
Mike Soroka
Mike St. Jacques
Pat Carey
Paul Garner
Gino Barazzuol
Peter Charles
Tim Coe
Joe Mulkins
Shaun Danton
Justin Lim
Marek Ostrowski
Raye Austin
Geoff Lubert
Dan Zingone

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