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GHTFA Men's Division!

In 2017 the GHTFA has 6 Leagues in Men's Touch Football. "AA Division consisting of 5 Teams and the A Division consists of 4 teams" , "BB Division with 4 Teams and B Division with 4 Teams" in Rec/Competitive and "C" League consists of 5 teams in Recreational. The Masters League in 2017 will have 4 teams of 15 players unless more registration takes place. In 2017 if your playing Masters you must get your registration in ASAP, the first 60 players entered will be placed on teams, all remaining will go into a waiting list until 30 additional players are registered and 2 - 4 QB's are identified before the league will expand.  There is some discussion about a 50+ Masters League in 2017, Stay Tuned! Please enter your score online within 48 hours of the game or it will be recorded as a tie.

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The Association is looking for new individuals to share the workload so if you are interested in participating please contact Dave Nelson the current executive would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Enjoy the 2017 Season and remember to provide constructive and positive feedback and of course we will listen to any and all suggestions to make our Association better.

GHTFA Executive

2017_Playoffs: B [Team Rosters]


B - Fox 40 Bills
Jamie Nelson
Dave Nelson
Shane Dougherty
Jeremy Watt
Brook Sockett
Jon Hart
Dan Lypko
Taylor Howlett
Darcy Roland
Taylor VanBeek
Andrew O'Brien
Aaron Bates
Brandon Smith
Bryon Crosby
John O'Brien
Scott Burton
Terence Roberts
Tony Roberts

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B - Knibb High
Lee Park
Brendan Mackay
Andrew McElroy
Phill McElroy
Colin Donovan
Michael Wilson
Craig Sloggett
Rob Agnew
Brock Wilson
Gray Russell
Kevin O'brien
Kirby Barber
Alex Wright
Trevor Whyte
Nicholas Strachan
Stephen Fried

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B - Team Money
Cody Baker
John Peele
Jay Pritchard
Zach Allison
Scott Rideout
Dale Palmer
Matt Kerekes
Kevin Forsyth
Hunter Forsyth
Adam Smith
Matt McNiven
Drew Mattie
Ryan Campbell
Mark Hodgson
Zach Deneault
Eric Plested
Shawn Forsyth
Adam Hulley
Sean Hodgson

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B - Vipers
Kevin Stasila
Kevin Keegan
Lucas Palamarchuk
Dawit Hamilton
Beau Oliver
Scott Corbett
Joe Savelson
Matt Nishimura
Troy Edmonds
Cameron Booth
Brad MacNamara
Tony Gingras
Jonathan Kenney
Dieter Wald
Kyle Mallory
Jeremy Cruz
Gord Settle
Mike Horrigan

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